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Welcome to EuroGymnastics.  Our program is built on the foundations of Bulgarian and Russian methods.  Renowned for its unique apparatus techniques, clean elegant lines and beautiful body techniques.  


"If a Rhythmic gymnast and an Artistic gymnast are walking side by side it is easy to tell which is the Rhythmic gymnast"  --Maia--


Class Schedule

Eurogymnastics offers classes ranging from pre-school and recreational levels to the highest of competitive programs, level 10 athletes.  

Upcoming Events:

 4th Annual Las Vegas Invitational

January 17-20 2014


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101 North Pavillion Center Drive, Las Vegas NV, 89144

Phone: 646-270-0250        


Rhythmic Gymnasts  use grace and flexibility to master the ball, hoop, rope, clubs and ribbon.  


Las Vegas